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Curlymoe (“Curly”) (1991– 2000)

Curlymoe (“Curly”) (1991– 2000) was a German Sheppard/Labrador mix and quite the baby. I can still remember to day mom and dad brought Curlymoe home. It was Regatta day in 1991; I was out in the backyard and once I saw him, I fell in love. We bonded that day, as Curly, as we often called him, fell asleep on me and snuggled into my neck; I knew then we had a special bond. From that day on, we were the best of friends and did everything together, until the day he left this world. One of the things I remember most is how he loved to play “Mr. Sock” and cuddle up with Storm, our other dog. I miss him deeply and he will always have a special place in my heart, as he was my first baby.

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